For decades the Indian government along with other world players has been working towards establishing a democratic system in Afghanistan. With Taliban taking over the nation in a matter of few days, it could prove to be a huge setback for Indian investments in the region.

Here’s looking at some of the most strategic projects India has contributed to in Afghanistan.

1. The Afghanistan Parliament

The parliament building was constructed by India at a cost of $90 million. India’s Central Public Works Department (CPWD) was the consultant for the project and the contract was awarded to an Indian infrastructure company in 2008. PM Modi inaugurated the building in 2015 on his visit to Kabul.

It was apparently a gift from India to the war-torn nation.

2. Salma Dam

Salma Dam is one of the largest dams in Afghanistan. It provides water and electricity to thousands of families in the Herat province with a water storage capacity of 640 million cubic meters.

The project cost India $275 million making it the most expensive of India’s infrastructure projects in the region. All the raw material was apparently imported from India. The dam that took 10 years to get completed was inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in 2016.

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3. Stor Palace

The historical 100-year-old palace was built by Afghan King Amanullah Khan. Until 1965, it housed the office of Afghan’s foreign ministry. Aga Khan Trust for Culture took it upon itself to restore the palace in collaboration with the governments of India and Afghanistan. It was also inaugurated by PM Modi in 2016.


4. Zaranj-Delaram Highway

The 218 km long strategic highway that connects Afghanistan’s Delaram district to Zaranj near Iran’s border was built by India at a cost of ₹600 crore.

It was built by the Border Roads Organisation of India alongside other city roads in Afghanistan and was handed over to Afghanistan in 2009.

5. Indira Gandhi Institute for Child Health

India also restored the largest paediatric hospital in Afghanistan. The health centre was first built by India in 1985 and later suffered damages due to war.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, India’s ambitious Chabahar port project also involved construction through Afghanistan. India has also provided hundreds of buses, ambulances and other utility vehicles to Afghanistan from time to time.

India has also built power and telecommunications infrastructure in many cities of Afghanistan including Kabul.


With Taliban taking over the reigns of Afghanistan, the future of these projects and bilateral ties remains uncertain. Taliban spokesperson made a statement with regard to Indian investments in the region and said:

We have said that we will not allow any country or any group to use the soil of Afghanistan against anyone. This is clear. Secondly, India has made projects, many reconstruction and infrastructure projects, and if they want, they can complete the incomplete projects because they are for the people.