The level of TV journalism in India, for the most part, has been disappointing for so long, that we don’t even discuss it anymore.

That doesn’t mean that there is any improvement. And that is why journalists like the one from a now-viral clip are so important. 

Speaking in Malayalam, he directly questions the state about the scarcity of oxygen, saying that it is no surprise that Arvind Kejriwal is distraught. 

He then explained the condition in the other big hospitals of Delhi, stressing that none of them have oxygen.

He also commented on the prices at which vaccines will be given to people in India. He asked that when Adar Poonawalla has given the doses to the US for $4, to Britain for $3, then why is he charging more from the country’s hospitals?

Naturally, people are now appreciating his courage and here are some of the reactions to the clip.


So many people can learn something from him. You can watch the video here: