Vijay Mallya, the chief of now defunct Kingfisher Airlines, is not having as good a time as he once promised his customers. Hunted down by banks braying for his blood, the poor chap (pun intended) just wants to chill. But no one gets it!

After he became the subject of a heated debate across the nation, he tweeted out his side of the story. Clearly, the man can do no wrong. He even rubbished claims about him being an absconder and said he just happens to travel frequently for business. Duh.

His latest tweet shows how he is being hassled. All over a couple of thousands of crores of Rupees. *Tsk Tsk Tsk Tsk*

Here’s Mallya tweet:

Of course, the replies was hilarious:

Even former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah says there is no need to arrest the business tycoon as he is a “gentleman” and would return to India on his own. Let’s give Mallya a break. It’s not like anything we say or do can even create a dent in his larger-than-life image.