West Bengal witnessed an impressive voter turnout as around 80% of over 1.2 crore electors cast their ballots in the second phase of the assembly polls in 56 constituencies on Sunday. But before this crucial phase of voting, CM Mamata Banerjee left no stone unturned to woo voters and one of them was a Q&A sessions on Facebook.

b’Source: PTI’

Nearly 11,000 questions were posted and for nearly an hour, she showed a lot of ‘patience’ and ‘liberality’ while answering voters’ questions.

Well, there were a lot of queries she answered including those on the Saradha scam, Narada sting operation, employment opportunities, economic growth and industrialization in West Bengal. But these responses that gave us insights into Didi, like:

Sometimes, she is very confused like us

She loves alubhaja like everyone

She’s awesome at turning the question on its head

This is not the last time she’ll be doing this

Didi is too busy being a humanist to be a feminist

The younger generation should be prepared for a thrust from her

All she wants for Darjeeling is for people to smile

Derek O’Brien has to do all the dirty work

People are her priority

And she believes West Bengal is a rainbow of colours