West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Thursday slammed the Modi government for the decline in GDP growth and said her apprehensions about demonetisation had proven to be correct.

There have been rampant job losses and the agriculture and the unorganised sector was in “worst shape”, the chief minister said.

b’Mamta Banerjee slammed the Modi government for the decline in GDP growth/ Source: PTI’

“Right at the time demonetisation was announced by the Central government, I had voiced my concern that the country would have to face severe loss of jobs and drastic decline in productivity due to demonetisation. My apprehension is now proven to be true,” she said in a tweet.

“The Q4 GDP figure this fiscal has come down to 6.1%. The corresponding GDP figure in the previous fiscal was 7.9%. So, the decline is nearly 2 per cent point.” she said. 

“Rampant job loss has been reported across the country with the agriculture and unorganised sector in worst shape,” Banerjee said. “What have the people, who pushed the country to this crisis, to say?”.

(Feature image source: PTI)