On Thursday afternoon, a man was seen roaming around Jamia Millia Islamia and was later detained after he fired at a group of protesters outside the university. 

A student of the university, identified as Shahdab, was injured and was taken to AIIMS Trauma Centre. 

But the whole incident taking place in broad daylight compelled Twitter users to ask a lot of serious questions. 

Some to the police, who were witnessing the incident as bystanders, and some to the authorities responsible for keeping a tab on the law and order. 

Despite a barrage of policemen present at the site, not a single cop managed to nab the culprit even when he was seen shouting slogans and brandishing his gun.

The incident, if the police would’ve acted proactively, could have been avoided altogether. 

Gopal, the man identified as the culprit, has been taken to the New Friends Colony Police Station.