It’s true when people say that a second chance can turn around one’s life. And, this holds true for Jojo the rescue dog who is now looked after by a robot. 

Jojo’s life changed for the better when Milind Raj built a robot so that it can take care of the dog. 

Reportedly, Milind Raj who happens to be a robot enthusiast rescued Jojo during the lockdown.

The poor rescue had suffered at the hands of humans when Jojo was beaten up and turned blind and deaf after that. 

This trauma caused Jojo to be afraid of every human being including Milind. 

To take care of the dog whenever he’s not present, the robot enthusiast came up with a robot that’ll feed the rescue. Milind realized how important it was to create such a robot because of Jojo’s fear of humans. 

As seen in the video, the robot picks up food and Jojo takes it from there. 

While in conversation with ANI, Milind Raj mentioned that: 

I found this dog during the peak time of COVID-19 pandemic. I took him to the veterinarian who told me about its traumatic condition. So I build a robot which feeds and monitors him, in my absence.

Milind also mentioned that it’s the robot’s job to serve Jojo food, keep a tab on his/her health, etc. 


As per the veterinarian, Jojo’s eyesight can be treated if he/she is medicated regularly. Along with that, even his/her health has improved.  

We hope more people like Milind step up to take care of our strays who actually need help.