According to NDTV, a 20-year-old man, who was admitted to a private hospital on June 21 was declared dead by a private hospital. 

The shocking part? He woke up, minutes ahead of his burial ceremony, much to the disbelief of his family members. 

India Today

20-year-old Mohammad Furqan was admitted to the hospital after an accident where he was declared dead. 

His body was sent home in an ambulance but he regained consciousness and was shifted to the ventilator from there on, by his family members. 

Kashmir Vision

The family members allegedly said they’ve paid ₹7 lakhs to the private hospital and when they ran out of money, the doctors declared Furqan dead. 

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Mohammad Irfan, Furqan’s brother, told NDTV

Devastated, we were preparing for the burial when some of us saw movement in his limbs. We immediately took Furqan to the Ram Manohar Lohia hospital where the doctors said he was alive and have put him on ventilator support.

The doctor treating Furqan at RML said: 

The patient is in critical condition but definitely not brain dead. He has pulse, blood pressure and his reflexes are working. He has been put on ventilator support. 
The Hindu

Claiming they’ve taken cognizance of the incident, Lucknow’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO) promised a fair enquiry probing the lack of medical supervision at the private hospital.