There are many stories of selflessness in love that fill us with hope for humanity, but one in particular is truly heartwarming. 

An Ahmedabad man named Vinod donated his kidney to his ailing wife Rita, so she wouldn’t have to spend the rest of her life going through dialysis. 

According to Livemint, Rita Patel was suffering from an autoimmune kidney dysfunction and has been on medication for the last 3 years. It was slowly advancing towards failure involving severe complications, and she would have to undergo dialysis thrice a week if nothing was done.

Unable to see his wife go through so much pain and suffering, Vinod stepped forward and donated his kidney. It just so happened that today is their 23rd anniversary, as well as Valentine’s Day.

The transplant surgery was performed at a private hospital in the city today.

Seeing her pain, I decided to donate my kidney. She is 44 years old. I want to give the message to society that everyone should respect their partner and help each other when required.

People on Twitter lauded the move.

What an amazing gesture of love.

What an amazing gesture of love.