We generally go to the police station to report a crime or to file a serious complaint, right? Well, someone just went to the police station to file a complaint against a tailor for stitching his underpants ‘too short.’ 

As bizarre as it sounds, a man from Bhopal named Krishna Kumar Dubey went to the cops, to file a complaint against a local tailor for apparently stitching an underwear that was shorter than the desired length. 

In his complaint, the 46-year-old man stated that he had given the tailor a piece of cloth that was 2-metres long but, when he received the underwear and wore it, it was short in length. Dubey in his complaint said: 

I gave him 2-metres of cloth to stitch my underwear, the tailor stitched shorter underwear. I asked him to re-stitch, but he denied. 

Earlier, Dubey worked as a security guard but, he recently lost his job during the lockdown. He was struggling to make ends meet so he borrowed ₹1000 from a friend to buy some essentials. And, this included getting a pair of underpants stitched.


Twitter definitely had a few things to say about this amusing news.

Unsure about how to solve the mystery, the police asked the man to approach the local court to get the issue resolved. 

Ok, then. The award for the ‘weirdest piece of news I’ve come across today’, goes to this story.