No matter what society may have you believe, there is no age-limit to education. There is no right age to complete your education, or a timeline to follow while achieving your life goals. Life is different for everybody, and the best idea is to take one day at a time.

Sohan Singh Gill, who got his Masters degree at the age of 83, proves this very fact. He was conferred the degree by a university in Jalandhar at its annual convocation. 

Hindustan Times

Gill had left his studies after completing graduation from Khalsa College, Mahilpur, in 1957 and taking a teaching course from Khalsa College, Amritsar, the following year. On why he came back to studies, he explains, 

My college vice principal Waryam Singh suggested that I pursue Masters and become a lecturer. I desired it too but as luck would have it, I migrated to Kenya (Africa) and got a teaching job there. I returned to India in 1991 and till 2017, taught in various schools but the desire to get a post graduate degree was always there in my heart.

Just 2 years ago, he signed up for his Masters in English, through a distance education centre. 

According to Gill, English had always been his favourite language, and staying in Kenya helped him master it. He has even helped and trained students for the IELTS exam, and all of them have secured good marks. He has a keen interest in sports like football and hockey, that he enjoyed in Kenya as well. 

As for his plans after his degree? “I wish to write books for children“, says Gill

H/T: Hindustan Times