Frustrated with his children, a farmer from MP named his beloved pet dog, Jackie as a legal heir in his will.

Believe it or not, Om Narayan Verma, a 50-year-old man from Madhya Pradesh’s Chhindwara district has divided his property into two halves and has named his wife and his pet dog as his legal heirs.

Despite having four daughters and a son, Om Verma is in no mood to give anything to his children as he has ‘no faith’ in them. In an interview he said: 

I have no faith in my children, so I have made my wife and my pet dog owners of the property after my death.

Verma had to make this decision because he feared that after his death his pet dog would become an orphan and no one would take care of him. He said:

I wish to give Jackie a share in my property so that he doesn’t become an orphan and he is well taken care of.

According to his will, the 18 acres of land that he owns will be equally divided between his wife, Champa Bai and his dog.

And, anyone who looks after Jackie and takes good care of him will get his share of the property after the dogs death as per the will. 

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