These days, more than trying to know your relationship status, people are more interested in your Netflix password. But, how do you say no to someone who you get along with really well? 

Well, here's a funny story of what happens to a man's Netflix account when he shares his password with his boss. 


Twitter user Marcus D. Luffy shared his Netflix password with his boss, Kevin so that he could watch Tiger King but, what happened next was totally uncalled for. 

For starters, Kevin's children added their own profile to his (Marcus's) account. But, things went a little too far when Kevin added his own name under Marcus's profile. Hilarious!

Marcus also shared a screenshot of the Login page on Twitter where multiple profiles can be seen. 

Marcus also shared a screenshot of the text exchange between him and his boss where he warns Kevin against messing with his profile. 

And finally, just to clear the air, Marcus made a few changes in his account just to exert his dominance by using this amusing technique. Take a look. 

And, it seems like, a lot of people can relate to this as the tweet has garnered more than 383k likes and 47k retweets. Here's how they reacted to this story:

Don't worry guys, Marcus isn't going to lose his job. This exchange was all in good humour.

Marcus, we feel you bro!