All mothers want to see their kids married but there is one in particular who got the surprise of her life when she sent her son to get groceries and he came back with a wife.

The news spread when the mother lodged a complaint with Sahibabad police about her son bringing his bride home when asked to go and get some stuff. 


Later, speaking to ANI, the son elaborated on the issue:

I got married to Savita two months ago at an Arya Samaj Mandir in Haridwar. However, we could not get the marriage certificate at that time due to lack of witnesses. I had decided to visit Haridwar again for my marriage certificate but could not do so as the lockdown was imposed.

So, when the couple returned from Haridwar, they decided that Savita will stay in a rented place. With the lockdown, though, she was asked to move out, not leaving her with any option but to go the guy’s place unannounced.

Police is trying to figure things out and has reportedly asked the owners of the rented place to let the couple stay there till the lockdown ends.