There’s all kinds of little-known medical procedures available in the world today, and some are a little more outlandish than others. The story of 45-year-old Norfolk resident Malcolm Macdonald’s penile goings-on, in that regard, is one for the books.

In 2014, Malcolm’s penis simply fell off after sepsis from a severe perineum infection caused his penis, fingers and toes to turn black.

Important side note – his testicles remained intact. Talking about his feelings of trauma at the time, he told The Mirror,

It was like a horror film. I was in a complete panic. I knew deep down it was gone and I was going to lose it.

After 2 years of depression over the loss, Malcolm sought the help of professional penis expert Professor David Ralph. David created a bionic penis for Macdonald using skin grafted from his right arm and a blood vessel from his own body 

David, from London’s University College Hospital, attached the specially constructed penis to Macdonald’s arm so that it could thrive naturally. 

Janmat Samachar

Malcolm actually spent 4 years with the penis on his arm, before it was finally removed. However, due to personal issues followed by the global pandemic, the reattachment of his penis is facing delays.

While talking about the entire situation, which is admittedly pretty bizarre, Malcolm said he doesn’t really mind the jokes and goes along with it.

It looks like something out of a weird sci-fi comic. But it’s my chance at a normal life.
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Let’s hope Malcolm’s penis finally goes back home soon, and he is able to live life to the fullest once again!