If you thought great moments always bring you great memories, think again. 

This guy, from London, went to a holiday with his friends in southeastern Africa and ended up in a hospital for 3 months upon returning. 

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According to UNILAD, James Michael decided to take a dip in Lake Malawi with his pals and that’s when a parasitic worm slithered up his penis. 

Not realizing it then, James continued his adventure until his immune system acted up and attacked his spine. Next, he quickly went from a cozy bed in Africa to a hospital bed in London. 


Upon further inspection by the doctors, it was found out that the man suffered from bilharzia, a disease caused by parasitic worms, for which he had to be hospitalized for 3 months. 

Along with toilet and digestion problems, James suffered from extreme acne, caused by steroids, and had to use a catheter, crutch and a wheelchair.  

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Doctors confirmed he had only 30% chance of recovering completely but the on-time treatment ensured James was back on his feet after spending close to 90 days in the hospital. 

He said: 

When I look back at photos from my time in Africa, it’s weird to think that’s where the parasite crawled up my penis. That wasn’t exactly how I imagined the trip of a lifetime with my friends going; the whole experience was surreal and strange. It was like going straight from a paradise beach to a hospital bed, almost incapacitated and helpless. This journey has made me definitely think more about my health and about how I look after myself, like reading up on health risks when I travel.

Even though James completed his trip without feeling a thing, the symptoms started showing up when he was back home. 

Apparently, he was convinced it was sheer fatigue causing him the discomfort but it was a lot more as he found out in the coming days. 

He explained his confusion back then, saying: 

I explained to them that something serious was going on. I went to the neurology department, and they did blood tests to see what was up. They determined quite quickly that my immune system was attacking my spine, leading to the loss of control of my legs. I was put on a six-month course of steroids to counter this, but they didn’t actually know what had caused this. It was a horrible feeling, I felt completely helpless, and the odds weren’t good. I couldn’t wish what I’ve been through on anybody. The pain has been like nothing I’ve ever know. At times, it has been an excruciating physical pain that’s been debilitating.
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He ended on a precautionary note, saying: 

It’s just not worth the potential risks of a little worm climbing in your body through your parts. It’s a grotesque, sickening thought. This has been horrendous. It’s felt like a never-ending mountain I’ve had to climb.

As a lesson, make sure you check the next lake, you are visiting with your friends, thoroughly before jumping into it.