Lately, we’ve been reading about people taking ‘extreme’ measures to fulfil their desires. And while we can laud their commitment all we want, some of their actions to achieve their goals are frightening, TBH. Just last week, we heard about a man drilling a hole in his skull to remain high 24X7. Now, a story about another man — who locked his head in a cage to quit smoking — is resurfacing online. 

Umm, yes, you read that right! The story dates back to 2013.

Turkish man  once locked his head in a cage to quit smoking
Daily Mail

According to a Unilad report, Ibrahim Yücel, hailing from Kütahya town in Turkey, once locked his head inside a metal cage to restrain himself from smoking. This happened after his father died of lung cancer. He had then resolved to quit smoking.

However, he found the process harder than usual for himself. Previously, he had been smoking two packets of cigarettes every day for more than two decades.

So, what did he do? He concluded he would make it physically impossible for himself to smoke. It is reported that Yücel drew the inspiration for his head cage from motorcycle helmets worn by bikers. He self-made the design using 130 feet of copper wire.

A man from Turkey once locked his head in a cage to quit smoking
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The cage had only two keys, kept with his wife and daughter. His self-imposed headgear had just enough room for him to eat a limited amount of things. He could drink water via a flattened straw. Apparently, his wife was supportive of him undertaking such extreme measures to abandon smoking. While it’s not clear whether he was able to overcome the addiction after all, we’re hopeful he succeeded.

On a side note: Whatever you think you’ve done to ditch smoking, do you really think it’s enough now?