A man in Karnataka wanted a grand housewarming party. And since Indians believe in being filmy, the man wanted to shower his new house with flowers. Remember Chandni

M Muniraju, a resident of Mullur village in Bengaluru East taluk has approached Karnataka High Court because he wants permission to flowers on his new house from a helicopter. And that’s not all. He also claimed Article 14 of the Constitution and said that doing it comes under his ‘right to equality’

According to a report by The Times of India, the petitioner went hire a helicopter from Deccan Charters in December. However, the organisation told him to first get permission from the City Police Commissioner. The police department didn’t respond which prompted him to approach the court.

b’A file photo of Karnataka High Court | Source: PTI’

He also told the court that since he has already distributed invitation cards to his guests, not showering flowers from a helicopter would cause him ‘insult’.

However, the court trashed his appeal and criticised his the lavish preparations. It also questioned his ‘legal right’ to drop flowers from his helicopter. 

“What is your legal right? In the invitation, you have mentioned there will be (a) flower drop from helicopter on the house and claimed that the neighbour has been granted permission in a similar situation. Is this for competition that you are claiming violation of Article 14,” it asked

The case was adjourned for the next the hearing to February 6.