Your own name is something you can’t choose. It is entirely dependant on your parents. So that can be a good thing or a bad thing as you grow up. 


Take my name for example. Is it good, is it bad? Can you even pronounce it? IDK! You tell me. 


But if you thought that was tricky, wait till you hear about this. 

A man from Udaipur, Vinod Jain, who works in the media department of Rajasthan’s CM, has decided to name his son Congress Jain. 


According to News18, he believes that this was the right name for the child as his whole family has been associated with the Indian National Congress.


Reports state that this act of naming his child after the party is his way of showing loyalty. Vinod has also mentioned his desire that his future generations join the party, their family has been loyal to for years. 

Some members of my family were reluctant to call the baby Congress, but I was determined and so waited until they came around. 

-Vinod Jain


He hopes that his son would join politics, more specifically the Congress Party, as an adult.