You must have paid in cash to buy your favourite vehicle but have you ever heard about someone buying a two-wheeler with just coins? Well, it just happened in Madhya Pradesh. 

Rakesh Gupta from Satna, Madhya Pradesh, purchased a new Honda Activa scooty on Dhanteras with the entire amount paid in coins

MP Man Buys Honda Activa with coins

Reportedly, he carried the coins in four gunny bags to the Krishna Honda showroom and made a payment of ₹83,000 for his new scooty. The coins were in the denominations of ₹5 and ₹10, and the dealership took four hours to count those. 

MP Man Buys scooty with coins

Once the coin counting was done by three showroom workers, Gupta was handed the keys of his all-new Honda Activa BSVI on which he rode back home. 

Talking about this incident, Anupam Mishra, the showroom manager, said: 

On Dhanteras, Rakesh Gupta came to our showroom in an auto with several gunny bags. He expressed his desire to purchase a Honda Activa 125 BSVI. I talked to the showroom owner Ashish Puri who said that the counting of coins will take time. We did not want to disappoint anyone on Dhanteras, and so decided to fulfil his wish. 

On getting his new ride, Gupta said the festival of Diwali is the biggest auspicious occasion for him and his family, and he has full faith in the brand.