No one likes being in lockdown, no one likes restrictions. But this is the need of the hour and we must respect the rules put in place by the government.

This was too hard for a man in Maharashtra to understand, as he unleashed a number of deadly snakes inside Chaudhary Pump in Buldhana, after being denied the fuel due after 3 PM.

In a chilling video uploaded by Brut India, the man can be seen emptying a container carrying a snake into one of the cabins.

Allegedly, he did this in other cabins too, and unleashed a total of 5 snakes, two of which were cobras.

In the video, one can also see one of the employees at the petrol pump, walking away from the cabin calmly, which is commendable.

Reportedly, a snake-catcher was later called to get hold of the reptiles. 

A complaint was filed against the man who did this horrifying act and the police is trying to look for him. You can watch the video here: