Think ten times before refusing to give alms to a beggar. If you refuse to ‘help him out, you may meet the same chilling fate as this man in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Sarvesh Kumar – a resident of Lalpur village, was waiting for a train at platform no 2 at Phafoond railway station. A 25-year-old beggar, approached him and asked for Rs 100. Sarvesh refused and shooed him away.


Piqued over the refusal, the beggar reportedly used foul language and caught hold of Sarvesh. He dragged Sarvesh towards the railway track and jumped in front of the speeding Delhi-Kolkata Rajdhani Express. The two died at the spot, The Times Of I ndia quoted a government Railway Police official as saying.

Sarvesh had come from Auraiya’s Lalpur to attend the ‘terhvi’ ritual of his relative in Sahar village of the district. The incident reportedly occurred at around 10.30 pm while he was waiting for the train to return home.

The official has added, “As per eyewitness, Sarvesh cried for help, but no one came forward to his rescue. The beggar caught hold of him and in a spur of moment jumped in front of the fast approaching train near the track. The duo died at the spot.”

The severed body parts of the two scattered along the railway track were recovered and dispatched it to mortuary for postmortem.

The police claimed that preliminary investigations suggested that the beggar was mentally deranged. “He was spotted loittering near the railway station premises since past few days,” GRP further said. GRP personnel also recovered some documents from the possession of beggar, which suggested that he was from Jharkhand.