Exactly 10 days ago Chandrayaan-2’s Vikram orbiter lost contact with ISRO and millions of Indian hearts were broken overnight. 

Despite narrowly missing the soft-landing, people poured in support for ISRO and all the brains behind India’s quest to the moon. 

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Even NASA is ready to launch an orbiter to take photographs of the stranded orbiter in a bid to secure more information for making the necessary contact. 

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But amid all this, the setback was too much for this UP guy, who was apparently depressed after India’s unsuccessful attempt. 

According to India Today, a man named Rajnikant (no not our Thalaivar) can be seen climbing a pillar of the New Yamuna Bridge in Prayagraj, along with the Indian flag in a viral video

India Today

The news of India falling short apparently depressed the guy, who then decided to climb the pillar and stay there for hours. 

Soon a huge crowd gathered around the bridge and people were seen making videos of the whole incident.


After spending near 2 hours, Rajnikant hinted on his public display of emotions by passing a handwritten note to the people standing below. 

The note read: 

Chandrayaan 2 ke Vikram lander ka sampark ISRO se nahi ho jata, tab tak main Chandradev se prarthana karta rahunga. Rajnikant. 
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Interestingly, this is not the first time Rajnikant has climbed the pillar on the very same bridge. 

He did the same stunt a few months ago while protesting against environment change and global warming.