Google Maps are among a few pieces of technology that are helping humans every day. Whether it’s giving us directions to reach our destination or telling us what other people feel about the places before we’ve even got there, Google Maps is now an essential part of our lives.


While the virtual map is always there for our help, if we don’t use it right, we can end up in some really weird places like this guy here.


According to AutoEvolution, a man fell partially through the ice on the Mississippi River at around 3 AM. Why? The man claims that he was following the instructions that were given by Google Maps.

The local fire department immediately responded to the call and found the man in the freezing water.

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The good thing is that the man is fine now as he was immediately transferred to the nearest hospital.

As per rescuers, the man misunderstood the instructions which told him to cross the Stone Arch Bridge, which is built above the river.

The people also agreed that the man may have misunderstood the navigation.

While technology is meant for making our lives easy, we must use it carefully and avoid getting into trouble.