Sometimes, we have to hold on to our urine when there are no toilets around but, holding onto it for too long can also lead to serious consequences. 

Take this story for example. 

A man from China ended up rupturing his bladder after holding his urine for almost 18 hours. 

Apparently, the 40-year-old man, identified as Hu consumed more than 10 beers and slept in a drunken state through the entire day without going to the loo.

He was immediately taken to the Zhuji People’s Hospital in China’s eastern province of Zhejiang after allegedly holding in a huge amount of urine for way too long. 

Even after being treated, Hu suffered intense pain in his abdominal area. A doctor said that the pain was so severe that he couldn’t even lie flat on the bed. 

When he was admitted to the hospital, the urology department confirmed that he had 3 tears in his bladder.

And, because the bladder suffered damage due to increased pressure inside the organ, he required an emergency operation. 

But, fortunately three surgeons repaired the bladder without any further complications. Hu is now stable and is currently recovering at home.

Experts say, the human bladder can increase its size as fluids are ingested but its capacity is limited between 350-500 milliliters.

So, next time, if you can, please don’t hold onto your pee. Just visit the bathroom.