It just takes a single act of kindness to save a life and this 18-year-old Masbazz Shaikh showed us how. 

When everyone stood and watched a stray cat entangled in a rope and dangling from a house, he took it upon himself to rescue the cat.

A thread on twitter shared that the stray cat was dangling above Pehelvi restaurant at Bazar road in Bandra.

Seeing this, Masbazz Shaikh rushed to rescue the cat.

Irfan Shaikh/ Bandra Buzz Newspaper

As seen in the picture, he climbed up to the balcony, held on to the window for support to get the cat to a safer place. 

Irfan Shaikh/ Bandra Buzz Newspaper

Naturally, this garnered attention of people who couldn’t help but appreciate such a noble act. 

It is because of people like Masbazz Shaikh that there’s still hope in this world.