A voter ID card is as an important document issued by the Election Commission of India to the citizens of the country who are eligible to vote. 

And, it also serves as a general identity, address, and age proof for other purposes. 


Of course, while getting such documents made, sometimes, mistakes do happen but, one certainly doesn’t expect their photo to be replaced by that of a dog, isn’t it? Well, this actually happened. 

In today’s bizarre news, Sunil Karmakar, a resident of Ramnagar village in West Bengal’s Murshidabad was issued a voter ID card with a picture of a dog on it. 

On Wednesday, Sunil said that he had applied for a correction in his voter ID and when he received a revised version of the card, for some unknown reason, it had a picture of a dog instead of his own photo. While recalling the incident, Sunil said:

Yesterday I was called at Dulal Smriti School and this voter ID card was given to me. I saw the photo. The officer there signed and gave it to me but he didn’t see the photo. This is playing with my dignity. I will go to the BDO office and request that this should not happen again. 

However, if the Block Department Officer is to be believed, the picture has already been corrected. He also assured that Sunil will get a revised version of the voter ID card soon. He said

It’s not his final voter ID card. If there is a mistake, it’ll be corrected. As far as the dog’s photo is concerned, it might have been done by someone while filling online application. The photo has already been corrected. He’ll get the final ID card with the correct photo. 

We hope Sunil gets the right voter ID card this time.