With lockdown being imposed across the country (and now extended), the condition of the poor and the underprivileged is becoming worse with each passing day.

Many of them don’t have a shelter or food to sustain themselves in these tough times when coronavirus is claiming thousands of lives across the globe.

Food, specifically, has become a luxury for many and the same was evident from the heartbreaking visuals coming in from Agra.

In a video that is now being shared on the internet, a man can be seen trying to fill his earthen pot with the same milk which the dogs near him are having.

The video was shot in Agra’s Ram Bagh crossing, merely 6 kilometers from Taj Mahal.

It was reported that a tanker overturned, spilling the milk on the road. Following which, the dogs came and so did the man.

He transferred milk from the road to the earthen pot with his hands.