One of the by-products of coronavirus originating in China has been a stark increase in racism against Asians. In India, people from the Northeast, who have historically faced discriminatory behaviour, have now become the victims of shaming and even greater racism than before. 

According to Indiatimes, a Manipuri girl in Vijay Nagar, Delhi was recently spat on by a middle-aged man. He then shouted ‘Corona’ at her before fleeing in a white scooty.

The police have since registered a case against an unknown person under under IPC Section 509 for outraging the modesty of the woman.

The advent of the virus seems to have emboldened the intrinsically xenophobic nature of people. However, at least on the internet, many people condemned the act.

At a time like this, what we need is positivity and love. Instead, all we seem to be getting hate and discrimination.