A man was shamed and stripped publicly for taking a woman of a different religion than his out for a drive in the communally polarised town of Mangalore, on Monday August 24. The police have arrested 13 men so far.

In Mangalore, Karnataka the man who was stripped naked allegedly, in an act of moral policing, by Bajrang Dal activists is Muslim. The girl who he took out for a drive is a colleague and a Hindu. He took her out for a drive in his new car. The victim was tied to an electric pole and assaulted in publicly at Babugudde near Attavar.

The man is the manager of an accessories store in Mangalore and the woman works in the same store as a salesgirl.

The woman later filed a complaint to the police that she was being harassed by him and alleged that the man had pictures of her which he used to blackmail her with, according to an IBNlive report .

According to the man’s complaint to police, as Hindustan Times reports, the woman had asked him for a loan of Rs. 2,000. They were on their way to an ATM so that he could withdraw cash when a gang of men armed with knives and staves accosted them, the man said.The woman escaped without much harm but she too was slapped for trying to come to her colleague’s defence.

It is not clear so far whether the incident was driven due to a religious intolerance or moral policing or both.

Watch the video here .