We have all heard stories of convicts smuggling drugs into prison via their bodies. And I bet, we have always cringed at the thought of it. Because nobody wants that. That shit must hurt. 

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Well, here's one such story that will rank very high on the order of just being ridiculously painful!

According to CNN News18, a bag of cannabis was surgically removed from a man's nose after it had dried up. He had hidden the bag of weed inside his nose with the intention of sneaking it into prison. 

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Needless to say, the idea wasn't that bright and the bag remained stuck inside his nose and he never got to use it.

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According to reports, a team of doctors led by Murray Smith said that this was the first reported case of prison-acquired marijuans-based rhinolith.  Rhinolith refers to a case of a nose stone.

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He said: 

During a prison visit, the patient’s girlfriend supplied him with a small quantity of marijuana, inside a rubber balloon. 
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So guys, if you ever end up in prison, don't smuggle shit inside you. Looking for kicks in the wrong place is why you are already there!