When we think of gifting options for women, most people don’t think beyond clothes, make-up and jewellery but, Rohit Sharma gave his wife Shilpa Grorver Sharma a gift that is breaking stereotypes.

What was the gift? Well, he surprised his wife with a Royal Enfield bike. Yup, you read that right.


In a video posted by Brut India, you can see Rohit jokingly telling his wife that he bought the bike for himself. 

But, as soon as Shilpa realises that the bike is for her she couldn’t hold back her tears. Even Shilpa’s mother-in-law congratulated her for the new bike. 

Naturally, Shilpa couldn’t contain her excitement for long and she hopped on the bike and went for a short spin within the building premises. 

People on social media loved Shilpa’s priceless reaction just as much as we did. And, they also loved how supportive and encouraging her husband was. 


This is super cute.