The pandemic and the subsequent lockdown changed many things for the world, including how people act in love – and while some of them are funny, some simply bizarre and unacceptable. 

For instance, one man went to the market to get supplies and got back home with a wife. 

Another guy put his perfectly healthy father in an ambulance in order to travel from Muzaffarnagar to Delhi to get married.

And now, there are reports that a man told his wife that he has coronavirus only to be able to live with his lover. 

News 18

The person, who had his home in Navi Mumbai called up his wife in July and told her that he has gotten infected. Adding that he will not survive.

After that, he switched off his phone and went MIA. 


This scared his family and they filed a missing person’s complaint with the police. Thanks to him switching off his phone, it took the authorities almost 2 months to nab him.

But obviously, they managed. The man was found living with his lover in Indore under a fake name in a rented apartment.


After learning of the extra-marital affair, police did the needful and sent him back to his wife in Mumbai.

Seems made up, right? It’s not.