The winter season is here and while some of us are soaking in the winter sun, we often forget about the plight of stray dogs who struggle to find shelter during this harsh weather. 


To provide them with some relief, Abhijit Dowarah came up with an innovative idea to shelter dogs during winters. 

He converted old TV sets in Sivasagar, Assam, and turned them into kennels for stray dogs calling it Baator Ghar (street home for the dogs.)


He first learned about his love for dogs a few years ago when his brother brought a puppy home. 

Indian Express

Before coming up with these makeshift houses, he used to step out in the night to examine how stray dogs really lived. 


While in conversation with the New Indian Express, the 32-year-old commented that: 

The pets enjoy all comforts but the stray dogs suffer from lack of food and shelter. I thought I should do something for them in whatever little way possible. This led to creation of the shelters. 
New Indian Express

Seeing his efforts, many people stepped in to do their bit including a vet. 

But this isn’t the first time Abhijit came up with a creative idea to solve a problem. He has also created a torch for women’s safety and a hand sanitization gadget. 

With people like him, it seems that there is hope in the world after all.