When your girlfriend tells you that David Beckham is the sexiest man in the world, most guys would take it in stride. That’s a league we can’t really compete with. Tom Church from Britain is not most guys though. He recently displayed an equal mix of stupidity and genius that truly proved what an idle mind and a whole lot of beers can achieve. Here’s a picture of a recent conversation between Tom and his girlfriend where he asks her whether he’s the sexiest man alive (lord knows why).


She promptly replied with a stony ‘no’ followed by the fact that Beckham reigns supreme as usual. Tom, a real IT kinda guy and not one to back down easy, decided to follow the only route left. 

He flexed those brain muscles and got himself to the top of Google’s image search for ‘sexiest man in Britain’.

Tom told TheLADbible, “First I found a picture of myself, I thought, in good shape. Then I uploaded it to 12 free image hosting websites which anyone can find a list of on Wikipedia. Then I gave the image specific titles, descriptions and tags like, ‘Britain’s sexiest man’ and ‘sexiest man in Britain’. Google loves websites with loads of content and that are ‘keyword rich’. These image sites are perfect for manipulating algorithms.”


After uploading the picture to the sites, Tom then used a free service called Pingler that let Google know to come and index them. Bing, bang, boom, moments later, his girlfriend had to eat her words/ texts, because Tom was suddenly appearing on search results for ‘sexiest man in Britain’, and that too right on top! If it’s on the internet, it must be true!

Visit Tom’s site here.