Li Zhihua, from Xiangyang, China had been in a coma since 2013, after sustaining serious brain injuries in a traffic accident. His doctor, Dr. Wan Qing’an said, 

When he was taken to the hospital, he was in a vegetative state. He could not respond to anything.

But because of his wife round-the-clock care and her devoted love, Li Zhihua woke up after 5 long years.

India Times

His wife, Zhang Guihan was completely dedicated all throughout and never gave up on her daily routine to tend to her husband. She did not give up even once. She would stay next to Li’s bed, often chatting with him and playing his favourite songs. She even fed her husband, carefully putting food into his month and then gently pressing his tongue to let him know that he could eat. All these little bits helped and paved the way for Li Zhihua’s recovery. Dr. Wan said, 

These things were very helpful to stimulate his nervous system.
India Times

His wife’s routine and life were affected as well. She slept only two to three hours a day and looked after Li in every aspect possible. As a result, she lost 10 kilograms during the course. Her efforts finally bore fruit, as Li regained conscious, baffling doctors. 

Her efforts finally bore fruit, as Li regained conscious and returned to normal life.