As the nationwide lockdown enters it's the third day, here have already been multiple reports of police stopping and beating up people on the streets. 

police lockdown
Source: ABC News

Well, now a 32-year-old man from Bengal has reportedly died after being trashed by the cops. According to India Today, the Howrah resident had gone out to buy milk on Wednesday when he was beaten up by the police.

kolkata police lockdown
Source: India Today

Lal Swami's wife alleged that he had faced lathi charge when the cops were clearing a gathering on the streets. 

Although Swami was rushed to the hospital after the lathi charge, the doctors said that he had already passed away. 

Source: Headtopics

Now, it is okay for cops to disperse of crowds to make sure the lockdown remains in fact but WTF! You can't just go around brandishing your lathis, harassing and killing people. We are allowed to go out for essential services, aren't we?