Many politicians make promises to their voters before getting elected to power but, there are only a few who really make a difference. 

Take this story for example. 

Manohar Shetty, a local BJP Corporator from Mangaluru made headlines after he entered a 8-foot deep manhole to clear garbage from a rainwater drain at Kadri-Kambala on Wednesday. 

The corporator from Kadri South decided to take matters into his own hands when the drain began to overflow with heaps of garbage. The water was overflowing on the road, causing traffic problems and difficulty for pedestrians. 

By doing so, he set a great example because rarely do we see an elected representative acting as a public servant and working for the welfare of the people.

Earlier, Shetty had summoned labourers to clean the drain but they refused to enter the manhole. After the workers refused to enter the drain, Shetty ordered the city corporation to send a vehicle fitted with a high-speed water jet to clear the drain but, that too didn’t work.

That’s when he decided to enter the drain himself to clean it. In an interview he said:

The situation was getting bad. No one was ready to enter. Then, I decided to enter the manhole and clean the clogged pipe.

Shetty further added that after he entered the manhole, four of his workers followed his footsteps. They helped him clear the garbage stuck inside the drain. It took them almost half a day to clean it.

When he was asked as to why he entered the manhole Shetty said that it was part of his duty to do so as he is an elected representative. He further added:

We can’t force poor people to enter a manhole to clean the pipes for us. If something goes wrong, who will take responsibility? Which is why I decided to do the job myself. We can’t depend on officials for everything. 

Ever since his photos went viral, Netizens have been showering him with praises. 

It is important to know that entering a manhole is extremely dangerous and it could also lead to death. And, the fact that we still employ people to do this job without any proper protection, needs to change. 

Shetty says that he would go into the manhole again, if the need be as it is his primary responsibility to help the people of his ward. 

Hats off! We need more leaders like him.