Churchandpur saw a spike in violence on September 1 when eight people were killed following clashes between mob and police after a minister’s house was set on fire.

Please exercise discretion while watching. The video contains visuals of violence.

This is the first video coverage on the atrocities of IRB personnels upon the peaceful protesters in #Lamka Churachandpur District . In this video the IRB personnel knocked down the unarmed boy with his Rifle butt. the tribals were protesting against the three bills passed on 31st August by the State assembly without consulting any stakeholders. The IRB started the violence so, It is also believed to be the reson behind protestors trying to storm the police station since then.

Posted by Thangkhanlal Thangsing on Saturday, September 5, 2015

The violence has been triggered by the passage of three controversial bills by the Assembly on Monday, August 31, which has caused resentment among the tribals who fear that their land rights would be snatched by outsiders.

This, however, is the state of this Northeastern state for a while now. The Centre, media and the rest of the country continue to distract themselves with other seemingly more ‘significant’ issues. When will India look east, for real?

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Feature image source: Video grabs/ScoopWhoop