The information being disseminated by the government with regards to the violent conflict at the border with China has been ramshackle at best – it’s provided no clear picture of what happened or why, and people have started to get frustrated.

Former PM Manmohan Singh recently criticised the government for making false statements that reassure the public but carry no merit.

According to The Hindu, he cautioned Modi to be mindful of his words so that China can’t use them to vindicate itself after crossing the LAC.

Those who lead us bear the weight of a solemn duty. And in our democracy that responsibility rests with the office of the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister must always be mindful of the implications of his words and declarations on our nation’s security as well as our strategic and territorial interests.
The Hindu

He also added that the country is at a historic crossroads, and the actions and decisions of the government will affect how future generations perceive us.

He also rallied against the spread of disinformation.

We remind the Government that disinformation is no substitute for diplomacy or decisive leadership. The truth cannot be suppressed by having pliant allies spout comforting but false statements.

He also called upon the PM and the government to ensure justice for the jawans and to show integrity.