Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in an exclusive interview to India Today opened up on a whole host of issues. 

We break down the interview for you, highlighting the most important points that he made.

On State Of Economy:

b’India-US CEO Forum | Source: PTI’

‘Economy not in as good shape as it could be, despite favourable conditions’

‘There is a lack of confidence within the business community’

‘Tax terrorism still continues today’

‘This government has already spent two years out of five without giving people the feeling that the country is on an upward path’

On Relations With Pakistan:

b’File Photo | Source: PTI’

‘Relations with major powers have improved but Modi government’s handling of Pakistan is inconsistent’

‘The Line of Control is there, we cannot redraw the line’

‘Don’t know if Modi’s quick trip to Lahore was well thought out’

‘Always good to maintain contacts with your neighbours, but there is no need to create a euphoria’

‘Modi told me that with regard to Pakistan, we are following what you have suggested to me’

On Terrorism:

‘I think with regard to Pathankot, history is repeating itself’

On Situation In J&K:

File Photo | Source: PTI

‘The sensitivity that is required to handle the relationship with Jammu & Kashmir has been missing in the Modi government’

‘The PDP is now increasingly conscious of the fact that what they have done with this marriage with the BJP doesn’t have the support of the ordinary Kashmiri people’

‘It is the responsibility of the central government and the BJP to create a proper atmosphere in which the PDP would have no worries in moving forward with the relationship’

On Congress Disrupting Parliament: 

b’File Photo of Parliament being disrupted xc2xa0| Source: PTI’

‘The ruling party doesn’t feel that it needs the Congress in managing the country’

‘There has been no serious discussion with the Congress, whether it is on foreign policy or domestic policy, and even on the GST’

‘Until the government establishes some rapport with Soniaji and Rahul, the Congress party cannot be taken for granted’

‘Mr Jaitley did all the talking, the PM kept quiet(When PM invited Sonia & Manmohan for Tea)’

‘Modi has never spoken; whether it is on the beef problem or whether it is what happened in Muzaffarnagar or elsewhere, he has kept quiet’

b’File Photo of D Raja | Source: PTI’

‘Really feel sad about those years’

‘Reports of CAG were used by the Opposition to disrupt the functioning of Parliament’ 

‘We never had any opportunity to put out our view of what really happened’ 

‘Felt very sad and hurt when BJP members would walk into the well of the House and say, Pradhan mantri chor hai’

(Feature Image Source: PTI)