Dr Mannohan Singh was easily the most educated and accomplished man ever to become the Prime Minister of India. And despite all the criticisms he dealt with in his 10 years in office (some of them he deserved, some he didn’t), he accomplished quite a bit. He was actually quite the visionary. Case in point, all the things he said, he warned about are coming true. 

1. Dr Singh‘s remarks came days after PM Modi’s said that no Chinese troops had intruded into the Indian territory.

2. The former PM said this during his McKinsey quarterly interview when he was asked about what the country was doing to promote India as a manufacturing base, especially agribusiness and food processing. 

3. Dr Manmohan Singh said this in an interview with American journalist Charlie Rose in 2006. He was asked about how he planned to take care of the poor. 

4. The former PM said this while addressing reporters. 

5. Dr Singh was addressing the Dalit- Minority International Conference in 2006 when he was the first Indian Prime Minister to internally acknowledge the gravity of this situation in India. 

6. The former PM was responding to BJP leader L.K. Advani calling him the weakest Prime Minister India had. 

7. Dr Singh was responding to the Modi government repackaging Congress-era economic drives in 2015.  

8. In an interview in 1999, Dr Singh had said that he had warned members of parliament that should we assume India has some divine destiny, we too shall suffer a fate similar to that of the Soviet Union. 

9. At the very end of his 2nd term in office, the former PM said this while addressing the media at a press conference

10. Dr Singh was talking about the conclusion he drew from a book he read when he was young, which led him to become an economist. 

11. Dr Singh said this in the parliament while correctly predicting just how bad demonetisation would be for the country. 

A lot of these were said in press conferences and in interviews. LOL