This is Manohar Parrikar. He’s a leader of Bharatiya Janta Party and has been the CM of Goa since 2017.

The Wire

Now Mr. Parrikar, is scared.

He’s very, very scared.


And he’s scared because girls…

…have started drinking beer!

*The plot thickens* 

Whiskey hoti toh koi baat nahin. 

Vodka hota toh koi baat nahin.

Scotch hota toh koi baat nahin.

But beer?

Tch tch tch!

According to a news report by NDTV, Mr. Parrikar was highlighting the narcotics trade in Goa when he said that ‘the tolerance limit has been crossed since even girls today have started drinking beer’. 

IMHO, the only time someone should fear someone drinking beer is when they’re drinking beer and driving a vehicle simultaneously. 

Because drinking and driving is a suxx.

Mr. Parrikar also attributed the rising unemployment rate in Goa to the youths saying they’re ‘shying away from hard work’ and that they want to do government jobs since they think that it means ‘no work’.

Amar Ujala

As always, the Twitterati was ready with some witty retorts. 

Looks like he’s got 99 problems and girls drinking beer is one.