If you are in Mumbai right now and reading this, chances are you have probably outraged over the compulsory prime time slots for Marathi films in multiplexes in the state, as announced by CM Devendra Fadnavis today. Marathi language films will get show timings between 6 pm and 9 pm at theatres across Maharashtra.

Either that, or you think that this is a good move for Marathi films to gain some recognition, but a sorry way to execute it.

“As per the new orders, it will also be compulsory to run a song in respect to Dada Saheb Phalke,” The Times of India reports. Playing the national anthem has already been mandatory in Maharashtra theatres.

Twitterati, as expected, have pounced upon this golden opportunity to remind Maharashtra government where it’s going wrong. There is a strong #BeefBan undercurrent as well.

And then there was this legitimate question.

Would this move antagonise movie-goers towards good Marathi cinema?

Feature image source: Bluemarinemall