Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General, is hosting a climate summit in New York and has invited global leaders to discuss climate change. Prior to the summit, thousands of people marched around the world in different cities, calling out to world leaders for action, not hollow words. Marches were held in New York, London, Paris, Melbourne, Sydney, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Manila to raise awareness about climate change.

But why should I go? Why the fuss? India has seen way too many natural disasters in the recent past. These have been escalated by climate change. It’s time we take this matter seriously, and DO something about it.

1. Because Prime Minister Modi just scared the hell out of us by “almost” denying climate change.
2. Because we don’t get a chance to dress up as a windmill or power plant everyday!

3. It makes the most irresistible background for a selfie.

4. Because we don’t want more destructive floods like the one we have seen in Jammu and Kashmir.

5. If a farmer can make it from Punjab, then Rajouri Garden definitely isn’t far.

6. Because every year Delhi is breaking the heat record.

7. On September 20th, all roads in Delhi lead to Mandi House.

8. We need to ‘Keep Calm and March for The Climate.’

9. Because we want #AccheDin for climate.

10. Because we need to send a strong message to our world leaders: “We Need Action and Not Words” to stop climate change.

So, now that you are convinced why attending the People’s Climate March is so cool, here are the details: Where: Outside Royal Nepal Embassy, Mandi House, New, Delhi

When: 9:30 AM, 20 th September 2014

RSVP here: