The results for almost all board exams are out. So quite understandably, this has been a very stressful time for a lot of you. 

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And in times like these, you’ll be watching a lot of videos, hearing a lot of people tell you that marks don’t matter. 


They will share photos of how poorly they had done in 10th and/or 12th and yet are doing just fine. I, in fact, also have been guilty of preaching this in the past. And trust me, a lot of us are actually doing fine despite never scoring a lot of marks in the boards. 


But that’s the thing. ‘A lot of us’ is actually a very small number of people when seen in the context of more than a billion that live in this country. ‘A lot of us’ would luckily be a few thousand.

So, please don’t pay much attention to ‘a lot of us’. Now, this is not to say that marks are everything. They are not. If you have scored fewer than you had imagined, it doesn’t mean that you’re stupid or worthless. 


Your life is worth more than the marks you score. Always remember that. 

That being said, marks are important. They are highly important. Saying it isn’t is a privilege. 

Most people who make it despite low marks have the social and financial capital to do so. In laymen terms, they’ve got contacts and quite a bit of cash that someone is willing to spend on them, which gives them time to pursue their interests or keep trying the same things and finally succeed.   

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Most people in this country, do not have that privilege. Most people do not come from economically strong backgrounds. Liberally speaking, 8/10 people who are reading this will need to score good marks to get ahead in life. 

There are millions of kids out there, who are the first of the educated in their entire family lines. Many more are looking at these marks to get into good colleges so that they have a future to look forward to. 

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Good marks in board exams are an opportunity to escape a poor standard of living and break the cycle of generational poverty for a lot of people. 

That shouldn’t be the case in an ideal world but we don’t live in a utopia. The grim reality is, our education system is so flawed that colleges and jobs value our worth based on the marks we score. 

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So, please work your asses off to get good marks. Don’t fall into the trap of things getting better after 12th. It rarely does. But in order for you to actually have a chance for making it better, you’ll need to get good marks. 

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It isn’t everything but marks do matter.