An organisation called Om Shiv Seva Shakti Mandal in Bhopal divorced two frogs who were earlier married off to please the rain Gods.

None of that is made up, no. 

India Today

The frogs were brought in for a wedding ceremony on July 19 when the state was experiencing a drought-like situation. The idea was to please the Gods so that there is rain.

There was rain. Unfortunately, too much. 

News 18

With some regions of Madhya Pradesh now put under-alert, it was only logical to undo what had been done. To call off the marriage. 

And just like that, a relationship ended by the hands of humans. 

Sea Way

We don’t know about the whereabouts of the frogs but we’re assuming they will be kept away from each other until the weather is under control. 

Now the frogs are walking in the rain so that no one can see them crying.

Jokes apart, animals being made a part of such rituals is unfair and often a cruel process. There should be steps taken to stop such activities to make sure they are healthy in their natural habitat.