While jumping over potholes and roads caving under rains is a site most of us are used to, there are certain cases when infrastructure problems are cause for a greater concern. 

The massive cracks that have developed between the girders on the Ashram-Lajpat Nagar flyover in Delhi is one such case. 

Zee News

ANI tweeted a photo of the cracks and the problem that daily commuters are facing, since the government is yet to take an action. 

The Ashram flyover connects Delhi to Noida, home to universities, offices and new housing communities, which makes this a frequently used highway. 


Such a sorry state of infrastructure is not just a reflection of the government’s mismanagement but also a genuine risk for commuters. 

Twitterati was obviously not impressed by this and the reactions poured in, varying from hilarious to seriously concerned. 

It is high time that the Delhi government takes action and initiates proper repairs, before a serious loss of life is encountered.