A massive dust cloud, also known as a “Godzilla dust cloud”,  arising from the Sahara desert just arrived at the US gulf coast. This happens every year but, things are a little different this time. 


This year, the dust plume is so opaque, thick and large that it is clearly visible from space. 

According to the National Weather Service (NWS), the 5,600 km long cloud travelled 8,047 kms from North Africa before making its downfall over the region stretching from Florida west into Texas, and north into North Carolina through Arkansas. 


And, this weekend the massive dust plume will hover over the Southeast US. Experts say the that this year, the dust is the densest it has been in almost half a century. 


The Saharan dust cloud will be present over regions of Texas, Florida and neighbouring states which will result in deteriorating air quality. So, as US battles spikes in the number of coronavirus cases, they also have another issue to deal with. 


Concerned over bad air quality and the risk of COVID-19, Gregory Wellenius, a professor of environmental health at Boston University’s School of Public Health said:

There’s emerging evidence of potential interactions between air pollution and the risk of COVID, so at this stage, we are concerned. 

That’s not all though. The massive cloud of dust will also cause hazy skies and lower visibility for the next few days. 


Twitter has had enough of this eventful year. 

The combination of bad air quality and the risk of COVID-19 can lead to weakened respiratory systems. Keeping the current situation in mind, officials have requested residents in the impacted areas to avoid stepping outside their homes. 

2020, please stop!