BSP supremo Mayawati on Monday hit back at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, terming him as “Mr Negative Dalit Man”.

“Perturbed at the rising popularity of the BSP, the prime minister is indulging in cheap things and indulging in petty talk about its supreme leader and has termed BSP as ‘Behenji Sampatti Party’ (Behenji Assets Party),” she said at an election rally in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh. 

Mayawati is popularly known as ‘Behenji’. 

“He (Modi) is an expert in jumlebaazi (rhetoric) but when he will get a tit-for-tat reply he will forget all about it and today I have been compelled to do the same for him,” she said. 

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“Narendra Damodardas Modi means Mr Negative Dalit Man, he is anti-dalit… This negative dalit man does not like that common people give small contributions in running the movement which is also run through donations,” Mayawati said. 

Her retort came soon after Modi, at an election rally in Orai region of Jalaun in Bundelkhand region, noted that BSP is no longer Bahujan Samaj Party. 

“…bahujan toh Mayawati me simat gaya hai…it is Behenji Sampatti Party now. Those who deposit wealth for themselves, can they solve your problem?” Modi asked. 

Hitting back, Mayawati said, “He (Modi) does not know that BSP is a movement first and then a political party….I have dedicated my entire life for making members of dalit, deprived and weaker sections and Muslims stand on their feet.” 

Launching a personal attack on the prime minister, Mayawati said, “Unlike him I have not got married…he had got married and later left his wife, which is another thing….and I have only worked for the deprived sections of society.” 

“It is because of this dedication that people among the weaker sections do not consider me only as a leader but a big ‘sampatti’ (asset) for the movement,” Mayawati said. 

“He is giving a wrong definition of BSP…he does not know that deprived and weaker sections consider me as a big wealth of bahujan samaj who has given up her entire life for their progress,” she said. 

“This dalit ke beti does not lack in anything and if he defined the BSP wrongfully, she is two steps ahead of him,” she said. 

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Explaining the money deposited in her party’s bank account, the BSP supremo said, “Three months ago, a membership drive was run in the country when there was no ban on Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes. Party men converted small donations into big notes for bringing it to Delhi for depositing in banks. It was that money which was deposited in the bank.” 

“BJP did not know that Rs 100 crore collected from all over the country was deposited and suddenly their eyes popped out and they asked from where it has come. Had it been black money, why would it have been deposited in banks?” she asked. 

“They (BJP) do not like that BSP is fighting the elections with the help of small donations. They do not like that Dalit ke beti campaigns in helicopter. Their intention was to make BSP turn bankrupt,” Mayawati said. 

“You consider me as your leader, devi, bhagwan, asset… there is no difference between devi and asset,” she said. 

“In Orai, what the prime minister said was very sad. He said that there is Rs 100 crore in BSP account. But, before saying so, they should introspect as to how much money was deposited in their accounts earlier, before pointing fingers at others,” she said. 

“But, Mr Dalit Negative Man is not ready to do so,” she said. 

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“I have given the definition of the prime minister of my country taking into consideration his work, behaviour and policy,” a visibly agitated Mayawati said. 

She said that the polling of three phases have made Modi so nervous that he was making all sorts of allegations against the political opponents. 

Earlier, Modi said in Orai, “Where has BSP reached today …when I announced note ban on November 8 last year, arch rivals SP and BSP who never see eye to eye came together …I was amazed when I launched war against corruption and asked for the details of back money. They came together and all including the Congress started speaking same language.” 

“Behenji (Mayawati) alleges that government was ill-prepared. Was it the government or was it you, who was not prepared?” Modi asked. 

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